Welcome to the Terms of Use of the Vegan Friendly sites.

Any use of the Vegan Friendly internet sites (https://vegan-friendly.co.il) (“the Vegan Friendly Site”) Vegan-Active (https://active.vegan-friendly.co.il) [(“the Vegan Active Site”), the store’s site vegan.cashcow.co.il (“the Store”) as well as the Vegan Friendly mobile application (“the Application”, and together, “the Sites”), is subject to these Terms of Use and the agreement with all their conditions.  These Terms of Use should be read carefully, prior to using the Sites.  If you disagree with any of the conditions of these Terms of Use, kindly refrain from surfing and from making any other use of the Sites.

  1. General
  2. The Sites are owned by Vegan Friendly, Registered Amuta 580563336 (“the Amuta”), a non-profit association (amuta) that operates to foster and improve a vegan lifestyle Israel.
  3. Every viewing, download, installation, surfing, purchase, donation, approach, leaving of details, or any action or use of the Sites (collectively, “use”), is subject to these Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and agreement with the conditions and provisions as detailed therein, in their entirety.
  4. These Terms of Use do not derogate from any contract and/or conditions of use that will need to be signed, from time to time, when downloading and installing the Application from Apple’s App Store and/or Google’s App Store.
  5. Whenever using the Sites, you declare and undertake that you are at least 18 years old, or one of your parents (or other guardian), has given his consent to your use of the Site and has also agreed to the Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use.
  6. These Terms of Use have been drafted in the masculine form for convenience purposes only, and refers to both women and men alike.
  7. The updated Terms of Use are published on the Sites.  The Amuta will update the provisions of the Terms of Use from time to time, in its sole discretion and according to law.  A user (or any person on its behalf) shall have no right of action, demand or claim against the Amuta in this regard.  Please be sure to return to this page from time to time in order to review the most updated version.
  8. For any question or request concerning these Terms of Use, you may contact us by e-mail at the address: info@vegan-friendly.com, telephone number: 03-9474404 or at the address: 49 Shimon Hatarsi Street, Tel Aviv 6249248.
  9. These Terms of Use were last updated in February 2022.
  10. Performing Actions on the Sites
  11. It is possible to perform and complete an array of actions on the Sites, subject to the conditions of these Terms of Use, including: purchasing products, receiving information, signing up to receive benefits and updates, uploading reviews, donating to the Amuta, signing up for membership in the Vegan Active Loyalty Program (subject to these Terms of Use and the Terms of Use of the Loyalty Program https://business.vegan-friendly.com/va-terms-of-use/), signing up for the Application, and additional actions.
  12. On some of the Sites, one may enter a unique e-mail address and password, that can be used for identification purposes whenever any use or action is made or carried out on those Sites.  Registration on the Sites is personal.  Accordingly, the unique e-mail address and password are intended for personal use only.  Every user of the Sites undertakes to keep the e-mail address and password in secrecy and in a secure manner as required.  The Amuta shall bear no liability whatsoever, for any harm and/or damage, that will be caused due to the use by any third party, of the name of the user and/or the personal password of the user on the Sites.
  13. Actions may be performed on the Sites, only by a user who satisfies all of the cumulative conditions: (a) the user has competent legal personality, to give the undertakings associated with performing the actions on the Sites (including, among other things, a user whose parent or guardian consented to him performing an action on the Sites); (b) the user has an e-mail box.  Every notification that will be sent this e-mail box by the Amuta, will be regarded as “written notice” (c) he has an identity card; and (d) the user has carefully read these Terms of Use, and has agreed with all of their conditions.
  14. A user wishing to make any payment on the relevant Sites, may do so by way of: (a) a valid credit card, belonging to one of the Israeli companies that is authorized to operate in Israel (or has the express permission of the aforementioned cardholder); or (b) a PayPal account in the user’s name, which is active and duly registered; or (c)  the Vegan Friendly Site contains relevant details for those wishing to make a bank transfer (thus facilitating a bank transfer to be made to Bank Discount, branch no. 055, account number: 110934, name of account/owner of account: Vegan Friendly).
  15. Credit card details that will be entered by the user will not be kept in the Amuta’s systems.  The Amuta is being assisted by an external company for credit card clearance purposes.  Following entry of the credit card details, the Amuta will retain in its database a unique code (a token), securely and in accordance with the PCI Standard.
  16. Every payment (including purchase or donation) through a third party, will be subject in addition, to the third party’s terms of use.  The Amuta shall not be liable for, and shall not bear, any damage that may be caused to a payor, as a result of the use of a third party’s payment services.
  17. Responsibility for the delivery of information and details within the ambit of use of the Sites, vests on the user only.  The Amuta is not responsible for any damage and/or fault that may be caused as a result of filling in false and/or erroneous and/or partial information, including due to a typo, and a user shall not have any argument and/or claim against the Amuta in this regard.
  18. The donation to the Amuta constitutes a recognized expense for Israeli tax purposes, according to Section 46(a) of the Income Tax Ordinance [New Version].
  19. Every user who makes a donation to the Amuta (without purchasing any product), may contact the Amuta within 30 (thirty) days from the date on which the donation was made, and subject to applicable law, ask to update the amount of the donation or request that it be cancelled.  An approach may be made by e-mail to the address info@vegan-friendly.com or by telephone 03-947-4404.  The Amuta will attend to the change and/or cancellation, subject to the acceptable policy maintained at that time by the credit card company and/or the relevant third party.  To the extent that the Amuta will be charged a commission for effecting such change and/or cancellation, the donator will be charged the aforementioned commission.
  20. The Amuta reserves its right to receive donations and/or return them, in its sole and absolute discretion.
  21. Purchasing Products on the Store
  22. Prior to making any purchase at the Store, you should again carefully read these Terms of Use and the purchaser declares that he has read the provisions of these Terms of Use, understands them and accepts them.
  23. Products and offers for sale are displayed on the Store’s home page.  By clicking on a product and/or picture of a product and/or offer to purchase, a new webpage will open containing additional data about the purchase offer and product.
  24. After making an order, there will be sent to the e-mail address of the purchaser of the product a notice confirming the transaction [(“Confirmation of the Transaction”).
  25. The product will be sent to the address indicated by the purchaser in the order (or to a post office branch, based on the selected delivery method), and subject to the payment of delivery fees as detailed in the Store.  Delivery fees will be charged as an all-inclusive payment, together with purchase of the product.
  26. In the event of the product being out of stock, the Amuta will notify the purchaser within 3 (three) business days, that the ordered product is out of stock, and will allow him to choose between ordering an alternative product and cancelling the transaction.
  27. The Amuta and/or anyone on its behalf, shall not be liable for any delay in supply and/or failure to supply that may be caused as a result of erroneous and/or inaccurate and/or incomplete details, provided by the purchaser, at the time of making the order and/or that were caused as a result of force majeure and/or due to events that are not within the control of the Amuta, including strikes, stoppages and the like.
  28. The collection and/or receipt of a product, is conditional upon the provision of confirmation of the order and an identification document, as well as signature of the form confirming receipt of the product.  The Amuta reserves the right to demand an additional identification reference, if and to the extent required, in its sole discretion.
  29. The binding price of the product, is the price of the product on the date of typing the order and its confirmation by the purchaser at the Store.  The prices of products include value-added tax (VAT).
  30. The Amuta may stop the marketing and sale of products and/or update their prices, in its sole discretion, at any time.
  31. Cancellation of Purchases at the Store
  32. The purchaser undertakes to examine and test the product, immediately after receiving it.
  33. The purchaser may cancel the purchase of the product, in accordance with the provisions of law, provided that he gives notice of the cancellation, by e-mail, to the Amuta, at the address: info@vegan-friendly.com or via the “Contact us” page or by registered post, to the address: 49 Shimon Hatarsi Street, Tel Aviv or by telephone: 03-947-4404 [(“the Notice of Cancellation”), within a maximum of 21 (twenty-one) days following the purchase (or receipt of notice of confirmation about the purchase – whichever is the later).

         In the event that the purchaser will cancel the purchase (within 21 days as aforesaid), due to a defect in the product, its unsuitability or the failure to supply the product on time, the Amuta will not charge the purchaser any additional payment, and will refund to him all of the sums paid by him as part of the purchase.  The purchaser will return the product to the Amuta, at the place where delivery was made to him, and in coordination with the Amuta.

         In the event that the purchaser will cancel the purchase (within 21 days as aforesaid), for reasons other than those detailed above, the Amuta shall be entitled to charge the purchaser cancellation fees, in the rate of 5% of the price of the product, or the sum of 100 New Shekels, whichever is the lower—and except for these charges, shall refund to the purchaser the amount paid, and will cancel his charges on account of the transaction, to the extent existing.  The purchaser will return the product to the Amuta, at his expense, to the address 49 Shimon Hatarsi Street, Tel Aviv.

  • The Amuta reserves the right to cancel the transaction fully and/or partially, at any time, in its sole discretion, in which event the Amuta will refund the amounts paid, to the extent paid, within 7 (seven) days.
  • In circumstances where services are proposed to a purchaser (including his participation in online lectures and conferences) in collaboration with a third party, cancellation of the transaction will be subject to the conditions as detailed in these Terms of Use, as well as the cancellation policy maintained by the third party.
  • The policy for cancellation of a transaction as detailed above shall apply only with respect to products purchased at the Store.  The Amuta will not deal with the return of products purchased from another source.
  • Limitation of Liability
  • The pictures displayed on the Sites are for illustration only, and there may be differences or changes between them and the actual items.
  • The information, content and articles appearing on the Sites are intended for informative purposes only and do not fall within the realm of medical advice or constitute a professional opinion or serve as a substitute for consulting with an expert in any field.  The information and services on the Sites can be used on an AS IS basis.  They cannot be adapted to suit the needs of everyone.  The user shall have no argument, claim or demand against the Amuta for the information and services offered on the Sites or via them, nor for their accuracy, reliability, completeness, their being up-to-date or for the frequency in which they are advertised.  The Amuta shall have no liability for problems, loss or damage that may be caused due to the use of the Sites or the reliance upon information published on the Sites.  The use and reliance on information on the Sites shall be done within the sole and full responsibility of the user.
  • The Amuta bears no liability whatsoever, in connection with restaurants and other dining establishments and/or businesses that are displayed or mentioned on the Sites (“Businesses”).  The Amuta, operators of the Sites or anyone on their behalf shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any display or information contained on the Sites, including with regard to the standard of the food or product, its components, quality, price, details and any other factor related to the Businesses.  The details are displayed on the Sites in good faith and their display shall not be deemed as a recommendation or as expressing an opinion regarding their standard, quality, price and the like.
  • The Amuta, operators of the Sites or anyone on their behalf, are not, and shall not be, responsible for any unlawful misuse, fraudulent use or unauthorized use, of a credit card, or other payment means.
  • Without derogating from the foregoing, the Amuta bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may be caused, directly or indirectly, to a user and/or any third party, with regard to products and/or services that will be purchased via the Sites and where the third party who is the manufacturer and/or importer and/or organizer of such products and/or services supplied them to the Amuta or directly to the user, including defective products, responses or phenomena related to products, services (including their transportation and/or installation), unsuitability between the product and its description on the Sites, etc., all subject to the liability applicable under law.
  • The overall liability of the Amuta with respect to any defective product, within the ambit of a purchase at the Store, shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the defective product.
  • The Amuta does not undertake the continuous operation of the Sites.  It is possible and agreed, that operation of the Sites can be disrupted or will cease, for various reasons.  The Amuta may, in its sole discretion, carry out maintenance operations and/or refresh the Sites and/or change the design and/or engage in any other activity that could prevent access to the Sites.
  • The Amuta implements systems and procedures for protecting data, thereby reducing the risks of unauthorized invasion of the Amuta’s databases and computers, but such protection is not absolute.  The Amuta gives no undertaking that the systems for protecting and securing data are immune to any invasion and/or hacking attempt, or that the Sites or their systems will be totally immune to unauthorized access to data, including data entered by the user on the Sites.  The Amuta will not be liable for any damage that may be caused due to the invasion and/or hacking and/or unauthorized access and/or any theft of data or attempt to steal data from its databases and/or the Sites.
  • It should be borne in mind that every use of the Sites and/or sites related thereto, might expose the user to risks associated with use of the internet, including, computer invasion, viruses, malware and the like.  Accessing the Sites, use of the Sites and accessing additional sites via links and/or references from the Sites fall within the responsibility of the users only.  It is recommended to install adequate protection and security software, prior to any use of or access to the Sites.
  • Privacy
  • Use of the Sites is subject to and conditional upon, agreement with the Privacy Policy in its entirety.  To read the Privacy Policy, click here: https://business.vegan-friendly.com/app-privacy-policy/.  Should you not agree with any of the terms of the Sites’ Privacy Policy, kindly refrain from using the Sites.
  • Direct Mail and Advertising Material
  • The user agrees and confirms that the Amuta (including any person on its behalf and/or directly or indirectly related to it), may use the data provided by the user, as well as data collected about him when using the Sites, for advertising and/or marketing purposes and/or contacting him with various commercial proposals and/or donation requests and/or direct mailing, all by e-mail, SMS notifications, telephonic notifications, regular postal delivery and any other means.  Such agreement may be revoked at any time, by contacting us according to the communication channels detailed in these Terms of Use above.  For further details, you may read the Privacy Policy.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Trade Secrets
  • All property and intellectual property rights in the software and the Sites and any other information related to the Sites or included therein (including, among other things, any computer code, data, information, content, trade secrets, graphic files, site designs, application, text, software, hardware, inventions, improvements and any other material included in and/or related to the Sites, the names of the Sites, the domain names of the Sites and all trademarks (whether registered or not) on the Sites and/or related to the Sites), are exclusively owned by the Amuta or by a third party who granted the Amuta a licence to use same and no person shall have any right, demand or claim against the Amuta regarding those rights, nor shall he be permitted to make any use of those rights, except only with the advance written consent of the Amuta.  Without derogating from the foregoing, all technological material comprising software, hardware, programs, specifications, data, processes, inventions and improvements, trademarks, trade secrets and any other information identifiable in any manner whatsoever as information related to the Sites, are the property of the Amuta and nobody shall have any right thereto, including right of use.  Trade names and trademarks related to them (‘logos’), the ‘Amuta’, my Shipping Site, the Amuta’s card, Bis Money Card10, are the exclusive trade names of the Amuta and nobody shall have any right to use those names or to claim to have any rights in those names.  The Amuta respects the copyright of others and, therefore, if you come across information or a picture or any other display which in your view impinges upon the copyright of any third party, kindly contact us by e-mail indicating its content and location and we will act to remove it as quickly as possible.
  • It is prohibited to perform any other action, including, among other things, to copy, distribute, present publicly, carry out publicly, broadcast, make publicly available, change, process, create a derivative work, sell or lease any part of the foregoing, whether by the user or by means of or in collaboration with a third party, in any way or means, whether electronical, computerized, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording means, or any other way or means, without obtaining, in advance, the written consent of the Amuta or the owners of the other rights, as applicable, and subject to the conditions of the consent (if and to the extent granted).
  • The user may not use any name, mark or symbol (‘logo’) that is misleadingly identical or similar to the trademarks, symbols or name of the Amuta.  The user must refrain from any act or omission that could harm in any way the reputation of the Amuta.  If and to the extent consent as aforesaid is given, the user must refrain from removing, deleting or disrupting any message or mark relating to intellectual property rights, for example—the copyright mark ©, or the registered trademark symbol ®, accompanying the content to be used by the user.
  • Trademarks and advertisements of advertisers on the Sites are the property of those advertisers only.  No use may be made of them as well without the advance written consent of the advertiser.
  • Rules of Conduct on the Sites
  • Use of the Sites is permissible for lawful purposes only, in good faith and subject to any law, and for personal objectives only.
  • It is prohibited to impersonate, furnish erroneous and/or inaccurate details when using the Sites.  No use can be made of the Sites for a group and/or any other person, without express consent being obtained in advance.
  • It is prohibited to copy and/or duplicate and/or distribute and/or publish and/or transfer (including through a third party) any content directly or indirectly appearing and/or displayed on the Sites.  It is prohibited to operate or to permit the operation on the Sites, of any computer application or any other means, including software in the form of crawlers, BOTs and the like, including among other things, for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying or the automatic retrieval of content from the Sites, including the prohibition to create and use the aforesaid means for the purpose of creating a collection, compilation or database that will include content from the Sites.
  • It is prohibited to collect information directly and/or indirectly regarding users of the Sites.
  • It is prohibited to perform actions that could harm or whose purpose is to impinge upon the privacy of other users on the Sites; it is prohibited to perform actions whose purpose is to impair the Sites and/or the Amuta and/or anyone on its behalf and/or any third party whomsoever.
  • It is prohibited to display content from the Sites within a frame, overtly or covertly.
  • Without derogating from the foregoing, the Amuta may enforce the law against a user who has breached one or more of the provisions of these Terms of Use—including, among other things, the Amuta may prevent a user accessing the Sites permanently or partially and/or may demand compensation and/or indemnification and/or set-off any amount and/or take any other measures available to it according to law.
  • Ties with and Content of Third Parties
  • It is possible that the Sites will contain connections (‘links’) to webpages, content and/or services of third parties on the internet.  Such content and services are not necessarily connected to the Amuta and the Amuta neither controls nor supervises them.  The fact that the Sites contain links to such content and services is not indicative of the Amuta’s consent to the content and does not constitute a guarantee as to their authenticity, their being updated, their legality, the practices of the owners of the content and the service providers in the privacy realm and to any other aspect associated with their operation, and the Amuta bears no liability regarding such content and services, is not responsible for any consequential outcome that may arise, or any reliance made thereon.
  • Indemnification
  • Every user undertakes to indemnify the Amuta, its employees, and any person related to it or acting on its behalf, for any harm, loss, damage, payment or expense that may be caused to or incurred by them (including attorneys’ fees and legal costs), as a result of breach by the user of the conditions of these Terms of Use, as well as for any argument, claim and/or demand that may be raised against them by a third party, as a result of the breach by the user of the conditions of these Terms of Use.
  • Written Notice
  • The user confirms and agrees to accept notice from the Amuta and/or from persons related to the Sites, including notices regarding purchases, as well as any “written notice” according to law, at the e-mail address entered by him as part of his activity on the Sites.
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction
  • The law governing the Sites and any matter related thereto (including these Terms of Use), and in the event of any legal dispute related directly and/or indirectly to the Sites and/or their use, is the Israeli law only.  The unique and exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute or legal conflict, related directly or indirectly to the Sites and/or their use, is conferred on the competent court in the district of Tel Aviv-Yafo (and no other instance).